The Research Article, its requirements, its own alteration and its assessment to a thesis in the College of Medication, University of Szeged

The Research Article, its requirements, its own alteration and its assessment to a thesis in the College of Medication, University of Szeged

I. Basic

A TDK study essay is a prepared report of independent function performed during undergraduate teaching away from necessary Its goal is self education, the gaining of credit items or its demonstration being a dissertation, as detailed simply III below and in the Study Code of Medication connection towards the Instructional Research and Assessment Restrictions of the University of Szeged’s Faculty. It is vital the authors of study documents have exhibited their productive and productive engagement in technological research at the specialized forum of the TDK. By writing study documents, creators show that they’ll correctly use regulations and the integrity of clinical conversation. A research essay range from findings and the author??s own research, nonetheless it can also be a case survey, or clinico- mathematical or pathological — demographic study. Literature reviews are not acknowledged as research dissertation. Investigation essays must reveal separate function, and must thus include benefits that could not have been purchased minus the efforts of the creators.

two. Demands of a TDK research article

1.The formal specifications of the TDK research paper are the identical to those of a dissertation

The principle body of the dissertation (excluding the title page, the stand of items and also the listing of abbreviations) have to be between 25 and 50 websites, including the Results and Tables, but with no references. Page numbering must be given in the page header, centred at the top of the linen. The report format ought to be A/4 with 2.5; margins and 1.5 line-spacing cm on the left side, under, above and to the side that is right. Font: Times Roman.

2. Structure of the TDK dissertation

The title-page Here a font size that was larger than 12 may be used. In string from the the surface of the site, centred: the title of the study essay; the writer(s), school year, group; TDK investigation essay ; subject inspector(s) name(s), his/her location, his/her academic level; concept of the institute where the research essay was published (start/center and research group); Szeged; year.

List of abbreviations On the page after the title page, in alphabetical order

The desk of articles Following A abbreviations site (optimum 1 page length)

The main body the study essay musthave the scientific research-paper split into independent parts including the numbering’s typical design. 1. Summary (1 page at most; it could be just like the subjective submitted for that TDK Convention) 2. Launch 3. Objective (1 page at most of the) 4. Resources and practices 5. Effects 6. Discussion 7. Ideas (1 site at most of the); 8. Recommendations (no more than 50; the line-spacing may be individual; usage of research supervisor software is preferred); 9. Acknowledgements (not obligatory), indication of grants or support (not obligatory)

The final page The title of the TDK demonstration on which the research composition was based (name, presenter(s)/writer(s), place and day of the convention, any award awarded).

A declaration in which the creator(s) express(s) the inspiration of the study and give(s) detailed information regarding his/her very own routines, record trials completed separately and any help obtained.

Brand(s) of the author(s) and boss(s) using their signatures

E-mail address for communication

3. Official requirements that are other

Figure or Desk with amounts: tales should really be placed directly under the Stats and Tables (employing a smaller font size than 12 and single line spacing).

While in the text of the investigation composition, mcdougal must check with Tables or Numbers with the ideal (e.g. Figure 4, Table 3, etc.)

The referrals ought to be outlined in alphabetical order with quantities.

In brackets; in the event of 1 publisher: the title and (e.g, the referrals should really be presented within the wording. Abbott, 2005), in the case of two experts: both titles outlined by and along with the year (e.g. Dore-Duffy and LaManna, 2007), in the case of more than two writers, the label of the first writer followed closely by et al. along with the year (e.g. Blasiole et al. 2007).

Examples in articles or book’s case: Mathiisen TM, Lehre KP NC, Ottersen OP: The astroglial sheath offers micro boats to a total covering of mental performance: an electron. Glia. 2010; 58:1094-1103. Franklin KBJ G: The mouse head in coordinates. Academic Press Florida, US.

4. Posting the TDK essay

The research essay published in Hungarian should to become submitted in two bound copies to the address:

Secretariat of the College of Medicine TDK Council (positioned in the Company of Medical Research) Sz??kefalvi-Nagy B??la utca 6. Szeged 6720.

The deadline for distribution is 30 November. the Deans Workplace of the Faculty will advertises any alterations at the beginning of the academic year and will even be located on the webpage.

III. Analysis of TDK investigation essays as well as their transformation to thesis

Two separate unknown reviewers appointed by the TDT evaluate TDK research documents. The stage rating that is last will be the items given from the two judges’ average. In the factor between your scores’ event, an additional reviewer will evaluates the essay.

No more than 5 points can be accorded, if the obligatory formal needs satisfie. 5 additional points can be granted for that viability of the drawings; how the are supported by the illustrations Overall, the conventional part of the composition may be scored with a maximum of 10 points. The technological material is examined based on scientific journals’ requirements, having a maximum of 20 things. Total, therefore, no more than 30 things could be granted.

Essays honored at least 15 factors are positioned not as unacceptable. Documents honored 25-30 things are accorded 1st prize, people that have people with 16-19 factors prize and 20-24 details prize. TDK research essays which can be ranked 1st and 2nd maybe paid financially.

Writers are warned following the submission deadline of the analysis effect within 60 days.

Copies of TDK research that is acknowledged / controlled essays are stored inside the collection of the company that is pertinent /hospital. A pdf type of the essay must be sent to the assistant of the TDT, who handles the racks of the TDK homepage (

Students could make a written request for a recognized TDK research essay a 1st prize composition receives 4 points along with a 3rd treasure 1 credit level. These points can be measured to the academic triumphs while in the subsequent session.

In case a study composition hasn’t been accorded credit things the pupil could submit a conventional demand for your composition to become approved like a dissertation, declaring that the function has not acquired points. The demand should really be submitted for the educational office; one copy of the investigation essay have to be fastened, branded Thesis, together with the examination of the article (obtained from the TDT). There has to be a common support, although a brand new prepared analysis procedure is unnecessary.

If one author wrote a TDK composition, it could be published in a modified edition which meets with the formal demands of the thesis. the Faculty educational workplace subsequently organizes the evaluation that was further. If multiple creators wrote a research essays, the initial, unmodified version might be presented as a dissertation just from the first publisher. In cases like this, the agreements to the from the co authors should be attached to the applying.

If two creators wrote the research-paper as well as the manager certifies that the benefits of both were not differ, both writers possess the right to apply for its conversion it to your thesis. In cases like this, the terms of the inspector and both students has to be fastened and an indication has to be granted as to how the research composition was contributed to by each publisher. This kind of mutual application is impossible, if there are a lot more than two authors of the study dissertation.

The Research Article, its requirements, its own alteration and its assessment to a thesis in the College of Medication, University of Szeged